Into the Gaping Maw of Madness
Introduction by Ian Finneus, Master Hedgemage of Averland

"You there! Pudgey boy with the meat stick and the gravy stain on your knickers. Yes, you.  Sit down on this wooden crate and let me regale you a special tale. Yes I know the witch hunters are in the village proper but that doesn't matter. What matters …. is why they are here."

"Yes theres a chicken in the crate, but that's not important. What I'm about to share with you is."

 "Surely you've heard many a tale of brave heroes and such? Surely a robust little fellow like you has heard bedtime stories yes? Fantasy fairytales? Heard of the white wizard and the dragon have you? Heard all the tales of dungeons and dragons and aren't so easily impressed anymore? I see. Yes 12 years old is quite old, yes you are a little learned rube aren't you? becoming such a little man I see, which is why I must share this most important story with you. With my own family, with someone of my own blood…"

"Well then my little spoiled nephew, dear little lover of candied jams and honey scones. Close your fluid encrusted lips, wipe the grin from your silly face and open your ears to a most delicious tale of danger, death and high adventure."

"But I must warn you here and now little one … this is not your bedside fairy tale. Do not expect the warm happy ending or the sweet whisperings from the kidnapped princess. This is a tale from a different time, from a different age, from a time of high adventure… let me share this most special story with you."

"Why my lad? Because I will be off soon, too very soon. I am to be convicted by the high court and imprisoned no doubt to the most darkest and vile dungeons buried beneath Nuln. I would think it important someone be told what happened, and that the truth of our convictions are not lost to the ages, but recorded by someone, and you are a someone."

"So close the door, speak not a sound and I will share with you one of the darkest fairytales you have ever heard, and it is my hope the truth does not leave you to widdle in your knickers or warp your mind that chaos should enter your body and mutate your groin. It is my hope you find peaceful sleep at night, and that the demons do not come for you, less then consume your heart and perhaps your very living, your very mortal soul…"

Warning: This campaign was written for play exclusively for adults. As such it contains questionable material unsuitable for children.

By clicking links on this page you verify that you are 18 years of age or older. This module does contain bad language, depicts graphic scenes of violence, nudity, murder,  drug abuse, alcoholism, and mutant hell spawn born from the bowels Chaos, nurtured on a rich milk of blood, death and wanton slaughter. You have been warned and we claim no responsibility for whatever may happen to you should you come across this adventure for yourself or players that are foolish enough to play…

Into the Gaping Maw of Madness 

Into the Gaping Maw of Madness